Welcome to Kolør

Kolør is a natural dye company that offers raw materials and extracts for dyeing yarn, textiles and other fibers. With the raw materials you can do traditional immersion dyeing, mordanting the fiber first, then dyeing it. The extracts, concentrated powders of the natural pigments, you can also paint and print.

Most of our dyes come from Earthues Dye Lab and Studio in Seattle, Washington, USA. In their color laboratory the dyes that they import from around the world are thoroughly tested for depth-of-shade and color-fastness.

The extracts come from insects and plants and are produced using modern technology. They are easy to use and provide the most beautiful color results. The extracts are used by hobby dyers, textile artists and in small-scale/niche industrial dyeworks. Techniques include simple immersion dyeing, resist techniques such as shibori and batik, direct application through painting and printing and any combination of these.

For more information and prices write to us at
post@kolor.no or call or send a text message to + 47 47262172

See pictures of naturally dyed textiles here.